Corporate Stress Seminars

What is Stress?
Stress is the adverse reaction to excessive pressure.
It is not a disease, but if it is intense and goes on for some time,
it can lead to mental and physical ill health such as depression,
nervous breakdown or heart disease.

Being under pressure can improve performance, but when the
pressure becomes excessive, it becomes stress and that can be bad for you.

From the Employers point of view
Under health and safety law, employers must address this issue.
Where stress is caused by work, the employer must assess the risk.

A stress risk assessment should include:
Looking for pressures in the workplace that could cause high and lasting levels of stress
Deciding who might be harmed by these
Deciding whether they are doing enough to prevent that harm.
If necessary they must take reasonable steps to deal with the pressures.
They must review the assessment whenever they think it may no longer be valid
They should include the employee and a trade union representative at all stages of the assessment.

What are some of the signs that employers look for when checking for stress in their employees?
Changes in the employees mood or behaviour such as deteriorating relationships with colleagues
Reduced performance
Taking up smoking
Drinking more alcohol than usual
Taking of drugs
Complaining about their health
Suffering from headaches

How can cUc Stress Seminars Support Employers
The cUc Stress Seminars are held with groups of a maximum of ten employees.
They are held in informal surroundings and work with the employee to identify stress factors in their work
and their personal lives.
Group hypnosis is used for total relaxation and for ego strengthening.
They are taught to use coping techniques and the art of self-hypnosis for relaxation.