Exams/Driving Tests
Many people are perfectly competent at passing exams or a driving test.
However the main reason they fail is that they too nervous or anxious on the day.
They can build themselves into a state of panic.

What can be done to help?
Using EFT and hypnosis the client is taken through the exam procedure or the driving test so that it becomes second nature to them.
The fear factors are reduced.
The client still has to have the knowledge and skill to pass the test, but they are more relaxed and in control.
The hypnosis session last an hour and a half.

At cUc you will be well supported in a comfortable safe environment. You will take away with you a support CD and a free backup session is provided if you should need it.

What do you need to do next?
Simply ring 01903 773457 for an informal chat and to arrange an appointment or simply email info@cuc.org.uk