Fears and Phobias
Fear is a normal human emotional reaction.
Some normal fears equate with a general worry, or something you feel generally afraid of or uneasy about.
Other times, fear comes as a reaction to a sudden confrontation with danger.
It's that sudden fear response that triggers the body's survival mechanism known as the fight or flight reaction.
A phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear of something that is far out of proportion to the actual danger or harm.
The fear and distress lead you to avoid the object or situation you fear.
It is a fear of a fear. When you develop a phobia, your fear is so intense that you often do whatever you can to avoid coming into contact with the object of your fear, and you probably spend time thinking about whether you are likely to encounter it again.

So when is a phobia a problem?
When somebody develops a phobia, they quickly learn that they feel anxious when they are near the object or situation they fear. Pretty soon, a person finds himself spending time worrying about the possibility of coming up against the feared situation and avoiding anything that might bring them into contact with it. With a phobia, the pattern of anxiety, avoidance, and worry about the possibility of contact tends to grow bigger and interferes more with every day life .

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